Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez is the owner of AlCor Foods Inc., an artisanal meat & poultry processing plant in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The road to AlCor was long and varied. A simple jobcatering with a friend fueled Pedro, making food and cooking as his life’s passion. From here, his cooking carried him to new places where he learned different cuisines and culinary techniques.

In 2002, the Mediterranean lured Alvarez to the island of Sardinia’s restaurant St. Pietro with chef Luigi Bergeretto, beginning a five-year love affair with Italy’s culinary history that saw him working with Italian chefs Fabio Tacchella of La Antica Pesa and Marcantonio Sagramoso of Le Cedrare. During this period, Alvarez met butcher and sausage maker Edi Cancelli in Bergamo, Italy. Through work with Cancelli, Alvarez came to learn the art of slaughter, how to utilize the whole animal, and traditional sausage and salumi techniques. Ultimately, it was this experience that would alter Alvarez’s life course.

Alvarez returned to Puerto Rico in 2007 and spent five year collaborating with Chef Jose Enrique. In 2011, Alvarez and his three brothers opened AlCor Foods Inc. The first USDA-inspected artisanal meat and poultry plant on the island, AlCor specializes in traditional Puerto Rican longaniza sausage and custom-made sausage products. Alcor services top restaurants, chefs and luxury hotels all over the island.

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