Natasha Velez

Natasha Velez Walker grew up in Santurce, Puerto Rico. During her academic career, she started bartending at various bars and hotels. When she began working for Emilio Figueroa’s hotel, Koco, in San Juan she began to develop a strong passion for the craft. Walker helped open The Piña Colada Club in the Caribe Hilton and later found herself at Casa Lola, working for acclaimed chef, Roberto Treviño. The bar program at Trevino’s restaurant gave Velez the knowledge and thirst for cocktails that were culinary driven. Her creativity was taken to a new level when she opened La Factoria. A few industry luminaries caught notice of Walker and suggested she give NYC’s cocktail culture a try. Eager to try spirits such as chartreuse, rye whiskey and mezcal (Puerto Rico doesn’t have huge access to these spirits), she came to New York.

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