Kevin Roth

Kevin Roth opened La Estacion in Fajardo, Puerto Rico in 2007, after years of working in NYC’s restaurant industry. Chef Roth’s cuisine and his radical move to Puerto Rico has received attention from Nation’s Restaurant News, The Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers on the island. La Estacion’s continued success is fueled by glowing recommendations from major guidebooks that feature the restaurant as a highlight and must-visit eatery in Puerto Rico. Fodor’s recently cited La Estacion as one of the “top ten restaurants in the Caribbean.”

At La Estacion, Kevin combines his love for Puerto Rico with a deep-rooted passion for barbecue, creating a new style of cuisine that he calls “Nuyorican BBQ.” This unique point of view has led to creative interpretations of typical dishes he has grown to love through his Nuyorican wife and partner Idalia’s family. By proxy, he’s adopted Puerto Rico and its culinary legacy as his own. At La Estacion, Roth showcases quality local ingredients that he nurtures at local farms, and applies classic culinary techniques to Puerto Rican comfort food. Kevin pays homage to the islands history, grills using open fires of wood smoke and charcoal (el fogon) and is partial to ingredients indigenous to Puerto Rico.

La Estacion

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