“I love New York, the food scene is amazing, but to be able to get to show New Yorkers what Baja cuisine is all about was even better.  As visiting chefs, we got to pair with Mexican winemakers, New York chefs, and even mezcal producers to highlight modern Mexican gastronomy in a way that hadn’t been previously done before. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Javier Plascencia, Chef/Owner, Mision 19, Finca Altozano, Bracero

“At Chef’s Roll, we aim to highlight and celebrate the craft, accomplishments and story of culinary talent around the world. Baja Meets NYC and Meets NYC programs offer a similar lens, but staged in New York City dining rooms. The conversation about how chefs and winemakers are changing the way we travel, the way we eat, and the way we talk about food in a global way continues to evolve; Meets NYC brings it all to life.”

Thomas Keslinke, CEO and Co-Founder, Chef’s Roll

“The Baja Meets NYC events lined up perfectly at Hotel Americano, the only American outpost of Grupo Habita’s Mexican-owned hotel collection. The program emphasized the partnership between tourism, hospitality, food and wine, and both the Opening Cocktail Reception and Saturday Night Tasting Dinner introduced our New York clientele to marquee Mexican chefs, up and coming wines, and Baja cuisine. A great collaboration and a cool concept!”

Andrea Franchini, Director of Events, Partnerships & Development, Hotel Americano

“Baja Meets NYC was a great festival in terms of creating awareness of the gastronomy and wine culture of Baja California, a region in Mexico that has been developing viticulture for decades and enchanting everyone that tries these rich flavors and bold wines. Though it began as a small project, Meets NYC has turned into a brand on its own and is a great asset to New York City’s culinary scene.”

Ana Sofia Diaz Duran, Deputy Director, Former US North East Coordinator, Mexico Tourism

“Baja Meets NYC was an event that introduced Baja California wine and cuisine to the New York market.  A collaboration between chefs, restaurants and producers, we were able to learn much about the state of Mexican gastronomy in New York and help change perceptions on what our cuisine is all about. I hope to be included in the next one!”

Diego Hernandez, Chef/Owner, Corazon de Tierra, Valle de Guadalupe

“The timing for Baja Meets New York was perfect, given that Latin cuisine dominates the ethnic food market and food culture continues to capture the imagination of both Latino and non-Latino audiences. Helping food and wine enthusiasts discover new experiences in the Latin culinary space was a hunger waiting to be satisfied-pun intended!”

Patricia Oppenheimer, Executive Marketing Director, Latina Media Ventures

“New York City is known as a vibrant culinary mecca, and the epicenter of many culinary traditions, but it does not exist in a vacuum. The remarkable program of Baja Meets NYC provided a fascinating and delicious view of the relationship NYC has with the world wide culinary vanguard. Introducing top chefs, wines and products from Baja California provided a fresh and inspiring program where New Yorkers were able to explore these new and exciting tastes.”

Barbara Sibley, Chef/Owner, La Palapa

“As food, wine and travel writers we are lucky to travel the globe sampling local cuisine and wine. Baja Meets New York was like a trip to Mexico without passing through the airport. Marie Elena and her team bring the best of a region’s culinary and winemaking talent directly to you–every event is like a mini vacation.”

Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, The World Wine Guys  

“You would hardly meet someone as friendly and helpful as Marie Elena. Always with a smile on her face. You meet her for the first time and it feels like a very old friendship. Her drive matches her passion for Mexican culture in general, wine and food in particular. Her desire is for you to be able to know what she knows, to see what she has seen, to taste what she has tasted. Mexico is full of hard working people, just waiting to show their creations; Marie Elena is happy making the introductions.”

Juan M. Marroquin, Wines From Mexico

“Baja Meets NYC started as a genius idea – to bring together the culinary talents of lesser known food and wine regions and showcase them in our nation’s great food capital. Beyond being educational and providing intimate access to chefs and winemakers, these events were flawlessly executed and left guests with an appetite for more, which is why I’m so excited to follow Meets NYC as it pops up over and over again.”

Dan Koday, Digital & Social Content Expert, New York City

“Marie Elena has an extraordinary gift for bringing together extreme talent and personalities from all over the world in a fantastically unique, spirited way. Her roots are deep and passionate. Any wise, discerning palate would know immediately they need to jump in and climb on – Meets NYC is a culturally delicious tree like none other.”

Nina Lora Founder, NLPR

“Of the many food and wine festivals hosted in New York, Baja Meets New York is one of my favorites. Intimate, approachable, and sexy, the dinners were exceptional, the wine pairings were top notch, and the chefs were gracious hosts. As the only festival that celebrates a part of Mexico that is quickly becoming a top travel destination for food- and wine-lovers, it is unique, illuminating, and vital.”

Amanda Cargill, Food Content Director, Latina Magazine & The Latin Kitchen

“We, at Casa Mezcal, were so excited to be a part of Baja Meets NYC! Not only did it allow us to broaden our customer base with a list of great wines, it mimicked what happened with mezcal when we opened Casa Mezcal: it showcased Mexican wines in a new and attractive way to New York City consumers. Events like these boast and promote lesser-known Mexican wines, feature undiscovered Mexican dishes and shine a light on traditional yet evolving cultures, incorporating the spirit of Mexican wine and food into the New York cocktail culture on a large scale.”

Ignacio Carballido, Owner, Casa Mezcal

“The Baja meets New York event was a great success, it was both fun and educational, and very well planned. Wish we had more of these kinds of events; they are a great way of sharing and learning from each other. We tasted some delicious foods, and numerous new and creative dishes; it was an excellent way of discovering what young chefs are doing in other latitudes of the world.”

Roberto Santibañez, Chef/Owner, Fonda

“Baja Meets NYC was the best event promoting Mexican wine and food that has been launched in the great city of New York! I was lucky enough to both participate in various events and to attend the opening night reception, and I’m grateful to the Meets NYC team for supporting my country’s culture and sharing it with others.”

Mauricio Leon, Sommelier, Guadalajara, Mexico

“The evolution of quality and availability of Baja wines is intersecting with the adventurous palates of younger American wine drinkers. They seek unique, terroir-driven choices and Baja has the story, character and quality to appeal to them on many levels.”

“Wine Enthusiast has been at the forefront of reporting on the wines from Baja—as a magazine we feel strongly that quality emerging regions should be championed. Baja’s innovation continues and it’s an exciting category to watch.”

Susan Kostrzewa, Executive Editor, Wine Enthusiast Magazine 

“Baja Meets NY was a delicious learning experience. Not only did it showcase the terrific wines of the region, but introduced us to the chefs that are making Mexico the culinary hotspot of the moment. I’m looking forward to “meeting” more pockets of the world through these events. “

Kathleen Squires, Journalist, New York City

“I’m so glad that Baja came to “meet” NYC and that I could experience the region’s wonderful chefs and winemakers. I will be pleased to meet other corners of the globe, thanks to these events.”

Ronnie Rodriguez Event Planner & Founder, Chef Dinner Series

“When Baja met NYC in spring of 2014, founder Marie Elena Martinez introduced New York City to the Baja California state of Mexico, bringing in leading chefs and wine producers who are at the forefront of an important culinary movement. Mexico, a rich land of culture and history, has so many regions that get overlooked, but through programs like Baja Meets NYC, the world is starting to recognize the hard work and creative endeavors coming out of this textured country.  The Baja Meets NYC chefs are Mexican innovators that impressed the NY audience; and combined with beautiful Mexican wines, an education process on Mexico’s culinary revolution – currently in its infancy, happening throughout Mexico – started to evolve.  The events were meticulously planned and well executed, and I hope we have the opportunity to repeat them in the future.”

Danny Mena, Chef, Hecho en Dumbo

“Baja Meets NYC was a wonderful introduction of the best of Baja winemakers and chefs to NYC.  We are hoping another one will follow shortly that will be even better than the first.”

Eileen Gregory, Proprietor, Grupo La Villa del Valle, Valle de Guadalupe

“After living and working in Los Cabos for eight years, it was great to eat authentic Mexican food from Baja in New York City.”

Sean Considine, Pastry Chef, ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina, and Jean-Georges Management 

“As a food journalist that covers food and wine events around the world, I have to say that working with Marie Elena is pure pleasure in every sense: she is a true professional with strong and clear ethics, integrity, and communication skills. Knowledgeable, full of energy, fierce passion and solid experience, with her there are no ugly surprises. It’s truly great working with her and attending her Meets NYC events!”

Fernanda Beccaglia, Food Journalist and Photographer

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