About PR Meets NYC

About Puerto Rico Meets NYC

Puerto Rico Meets NYC (PR Meets NYC) will take place in New York from Wednesday, September 30 – Sunday, October 4 and encompass a series of multi-day, multi-format events that celebrate the bounty and beauty of this Caribbean island’s culinary legacy. By shedding light on Puerto Rico’s best chefs, the rums, and the accompanying food and travel intersection, Puerto Rico Meets NYC will give this sunny destination the epicurean respect and exposure it deserves. Tapping into the deep network of Nuyoricans inhabiting New York City and surrounding, as well as food world interest resulting from recent media spotlight in such esteemed publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, this idyllic commonwealth is ready for a turn on New York’s culinary stage.

Puerto Rican Visiting Chefs:

Mario Pagan (Sage Steakhouse Bistro, Laurel)

Wilo Benet (Pikayo)

Roberto Trevino (Budatai, Casa Lola, El Nosh)

Jose Santaella (Santaella)

Juan Jose Cuevas (1919, Ola)

Kevin Roth (La Estacion)

Pedro Alvarez (Alcor Foods)

Xavier Pacheco (La Jaquita Baya)

New York City Host Chefs:

Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin)

Sean Rembold (Reynard/Wythe Hotel)

Didier Elena (Chef’s Club)

Carmen Gonzalez (La Chispa)

Joseph “JJ” Johnson (The Cecil)

Alexander Smalls (The Cecil)

Camille Becerra (Navy)

James Beard House

Eric Greenspan (Roof on Wilshire, Mare, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese)

Other events, besides lunch and dinner pairings, will include an Opening Cocktail Party, the resurrection of the beloved Latino-Jewish El Nosh pop-up, and a closing Lechon Asado brunch on Sunday will formally close the series. All events (minus the opening party) are ticketed and open to the public via EventBrite.

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